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Attuned and Powerful 6.2

Attuned and Powerful 6.2

Uncover your inner peace and power to achieve any goals while being authentic you





In this program you'll:

  • Clear self-doubts, saboteurs, and anything that keeps you back and makes you feel less than
  • Learn to minimize stress and anxiety and regulate your nervous system in the moment and quickly.
  • Create inner peace, strength, and unshakeable resilience
  • Know your personal power, be unaffected by circumstances, and  trust your choices
  • Embody, integrate, and sustain the next level version of your being, feeling, doing, and achieving
  • Learn how to align with the universal laws of creation and abundance so you can bring any dreams into reality with ease, flow, and joy

Program format

  • 6 months of teaching, coaching, and support
  • Two per month live virtual session with concepts, experiential exercises, coaching, and Q&A (12 total)
  • Two per month activations (12 total) 
  • Two per month video lessons with new concepts and teachings (12 total)
  • Weekly touchpoints and Q&A via e-mail (unlimited)
  • Worksheets with exercises (unlimited)


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