Change and More Change. How to Prepare and Thrive?

As business leaders are continuously faced with tackling often unpredictable and sudden changes in the external environment, they focus on solutions and adjustments that will enable their organizations to stay sustainably healthy and grow.

These solutions, most of the time, involve change: change in processes, technology, roles and responsibilities, supply chain, value chain, ways of working, leadership, company’s ownership and structure.

Yes, we will be experiencing more change, faster change, and more layers of change.

How can you prepare for change so you continue to feel joy and fulfillment in work and other areas of your life?

Here are 10 things that will help you.

1. Accept and be okay with the fact that change is inevitable.

Reframe beliefs about change we have accumulated over
decades inside our organizations that created negative perception of change.

Change is growth. And growth is change. In nature, nothing remains status quo.

Change is the innate element of every living thing.

2. Know that every one of us has limitless capacity for resilience

You are infinitely resilient. Believing in it before you feel like you are is the first step.

3. Develop self-awareness

Being able to notice how you feel and what you think in any given moment will help you so you can assess your state of being in any situation.

From that point, you can use tools and practices to bring yourself back to balance and the most creative and clever you.

4. Create routines and practices that help you restore inner peace, re-energize, and re-new your creativity and inspiration

Explore what works for you, what speaks to you the most, what really helps you. Practicing these routines on a regular basis will turn them into habits, healthy habits.

5. Build your confidence, self-trust, and self-acceptance so you maintain positive perspective in any situation

Our reactions to change and uncertainty are driven by beliefs and patterns we have formed over our life since the moment we were born.

Negative reactions, stress, anxiety are usually activated by underlying self-doubts, fear of failure, not-trusting your capabilities and feeling unworthy.

Developing confidence, self-trust, and self-acceptance by healing the underlying limiting beliefs will help you see change as an opportunity and see more opportunities come into your life as a result.

6. Declutter your workspace and your living space

Things carry energy.

Clutter and overload of things carry a lot of old energy, including negative energy.

Clear the space to release the negative energy.

Decluttered space also sparks creativity as your eyes do not see and the mind doesn’t engage with all these stimulants around you.

7. Have live plants in your workspace and living space

Live plants carry energy of life, growth, clarity, fresh air.

8. Buy fresh flowers regularly

Flowers make us feel better.

9. Celebrate yourself every week

Celebrate even what may seem insignificant. Treat yourself with little things that will help you feel better and cheer you up.

10. Exercise

Exercises moves energy througout your body and elevates it. As such, it activates positive thinking, expanded heart, feeling of faith, strength, and confidence.

The best way to assure you move and exercises is to make it a part of your routines and practices.

10 things to remember, be, and do to prepare for and thrive in ever-evolving change

1. Accept and be okay with the fact that change is integral part of every living organism, nature, and our being.

2. You have limiteless capacity for resilience

3. Develop self-awareness

4. Create routines and practice for inner-peace, balance, and joy

5. Build your confidence, self-trust, and self-acceptance

6. Declutter your work and living spaces

7. Have live plants in your work and living spaces

8. Buy fresh flowers regularly

9. Celebrate yourself every week

10. Move and exercise

Which of the above you feel you have a good grasp on? What
do you feel inspired to do after learning this?

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Anna, what an amazing set of simple, yet powerful steps! I just took an inventory and while several are current practices, I need to focus on a few. Thank you!


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