When every person inside an organization is connected with who they are, develops self-trust, clears inner fears and self-imposed limitations, the organization can truly flourish.  

Our programs with exclusive and original content, frameworks and techniques will help:

Self-Leadership and Wellbeing

Develop self-empowerment, self-trust, self-contentment, creativity, and a sense of fulfillment and joy for all employees. As a result:

Individual contributors won't feel the need to wait for the managers to take care of them. They will learn why we feel the way we feel and how they can regulate their inner peace, inspiration, and motivation.

Managers will be more effective in engagement, productivity improvement, collaboration, and innovation efforts. And they too will feel happier and fulfilled as they will know how to take care of their inner balance, self-trust, and emotional wellness.

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Team Effectiveness and Innovation

Improve team collaboration, problem-solving, interpersonal dynamics on the team, engagement, and innovation.

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Performance Management

Improve giving and receiving feedback leading to better performance, team dynamics, and innovation.

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Empower leaders to lead from their authentic Self with self-trust, confidence, empathy, and inspiration. All while maintaining their own inner balance and self-care.

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Business Acumen

Improve business and financial acumen for people in non-financial roles so they feel confident in contributing and making an impact on the organization.

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Change Management, Agility, and Resilience

Improve change agility, resilience, and adoption of change initiatives.

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Lack of engagement, productivity, demotivation, poor team dynamics, resentment, and distorted management and leadership skills is often rooted in the dimished self-trust, confidence, emotional stability, and contentment.

We are ready to help your team and organization flourish by empowering your people with self-mastery, mental and emotional wellness tools and techniques as well as business and organizational mastery capabilities.

Program Design

Our programs are designed with the foundational original content. It integrates psychology, energy flow, and experiential learning and coaching techniques and teachings.

We tailor program design and delivery to your specific needs, challenges, and desired outcomes.

The length and frequency of the sessions depend on the topic, desired outcomes, as well as your team and organization's flow of work and schedule.

If you would like to explore how we can help your people, team, and organization flourish, reach out team@edelweiss.academy.

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