About Us

Empowering you and your organization to grow and succeed with joy and confidence has become my purpose and my life's work that started over 20 years ago with teaching business simulations and evolved with my own personal transformation and integration of psychology, energy, and experiential learning into powerful frameworks and techniques that do magic.

I'm immensely grateful for my experiences, challenges, and blisses that empowered me to make a difference for people and organizations around the globe.

I'm honored and fortunate to now bring powerful personal, professional, and business growth and development experiences to you inside Edelweiss Academy of Mastery together with our amazing team and partners.

We collaborate and partner with experts in various fields of business growth and talent development to bring to you the most enlightening and impactful programs and solutions. 

Want to explore how we might work together to help you achieve your goals? Have questions? Not sure where to begin? Reach out to us team@edelweissacademyofmastery.com.