CM Simulation Program Leaders - Kim Goodwin


We're thrilled to announce that Kim Goodwin will be the program leader of our Change Management Simulation.

Kim is a seasoned, highly experienced leader across all pillars of successful change management. She brings many years of practical experience in leading change initiatives, designing and executing change implementation strategies, creating successful change agent networks, and engaging leaders and stakeholders.

Change Management Simulation is a highly practical and engaging experience designed for professionals in different roles who want to know what goes into implementing change successfully, feel in control no matter the uncertainty, be able to contribute to their organization's efforts and grow their potential.

All from a place confidence, certainty, and inner peace. 

To learn more and join, check out the Change Management Simulation page. 

To learn more about Kim, check out Kim's page.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at or schedule a quick call with one of us here >>


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