5 Ways to Re-spark Your Inspiration

When we are inspired, we are motivated. True motivation, from
the inside out, follows inspiration. When we are inspired, we are creative and
positive. We create amazing things and find clever solutions.

With that, we experience our life in waves, like everything
in nature. When we are on the up curve, we feel great, inspired, motivated,
hopeful, energized.

We shine and radiate. People are drawn to our energy and presence. 

When we are on the down curve, it may feel dull, stalled,
hopeless, lost, stuck. Our inspiration and motivation are low or below zero. Our
energy is low. We may feel sad, grumpy, withdrawn, easily irritable.

Yet, we still need to create, connect, make decisions, and

How can we renew inspiration when everything feels gloomy?

Here are 5 ways to remember and practice to stay on top of your
game when you are on the down curve of the wave.

1. Accept and be okay with the fact that our life has a wave pattern, like everything in nature

Being at peace with this fact alone, will make a huge difference in your life experience and in re-sparking your inspiration.

2. Give your feelings the attention they need

We are conditioned to bottle down our feelings and push. While it may look like working in the moment, in the long run, what we push down will eventually need to come out.

To keep your mind, heart, and soul healthy, give your feelings attention, let them feel heard and acknowledged.

When you do, you will feel lighter and relieved.

3. Connect with Nature

Nature is a healer. Go for a walk in the woods, by the water, or simply on a street. Try to choose a street with some trees or plantings if you can.

Fresh air, smell of trees, leaves, flowers, water, will help clear your feelings and fill you up with more positive energy.

4. Notice little amuzing things

Notice things that are beautiful, special, unusual, funny, that make you smile. Just a smile alone will help you feel better and get your inspiration back up.

5. Do something special for You

Get yourself flowers, or your favorite cup of coffee, or a book. Or purchase a class to learn something you have been longing for to learn. For example, a dancing class, or playing guitar, or making sugar free cupcakes. Or go on a trip you always wanted to do.

Holding back on treating yourself to something you like is, most of the times, an expression of a feeling of not deserving it. Which can take over in the down curve and keep your inspiration covered up.

You deserve anything and everythign your heart and soul and mind desire.

And remember... the sun always rises. After every storm, there is a bliss. We just need to glide through.

You're held. You're supported. Always.

What do you feel inspired to do now?

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