Nature's Wisdom: Super Blue Moon for Inner Peace and Growth

Nature's Wisdom: Super Blue Moon for Inner Peace and Growth

Super Blue Moon is tonight, August 30. Once in 10 years. Besides that it is a rare phenomenon in astronomy raising curiosity to see it, I invite you to leverage it beyond its beauty.

Every element in nature has its meaning, purpose, and feeling or energy. This energy is limitless in the moment we are experiencing it. And we can tap into it to learn, heal, expand, and grow.

Try to get outside and see the Super Blue Moon tonight or over the next couple days.

Notice how you feel looking at the moon. Similarly to noticing how you feel when you're on a beach.

In these moments, it is easier to notice stress, tiredness, and weight that settled in the body. Take a deep slow breath and breathe out releasing this stress. Repeat a couple of time. 

Then notice how the moon itself feels to you.

Which words resonate? whole, filled with peace and love, calm, fullness, kindness, strong and gentle, expansiveness, healing, nurturing, powerful and graceful.

Add your own words. Or just feel without attaching any words to it.

Allow yourself to receive this beautiful energy from the moon as if you were taking to a wonderful human being that made you feel good. 

You may feel some emotions come up, and that's beautiful and perfect. Feel them and then release. 

Breathe in all the beautiful energies you're seeing and feeling in the moon. Let it fill you up with the energies that feel good to you. 

Hold you breath for a few seconds.

Breathe out. 

Repeat a few times. 

If you feel grateful, say "thank you."

We would love to hear how this practice worked for you. What emerged, what shifted. Please share in comments or email us at

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