Global Zen Time for Leaders

Global Zen Time for Leaders

This space is for leaders to help you let go of stress, restore inner peace and joy, so you can lead with positive energy and your leadership magic while feeling whole and strong on the inside.

February 9
6:45-7:15 AM EST

Other dates

February 16, 23:  7:30 - 8:00 AM

March 1:  8:00-8:30

During this 30 minutes, we will: 

  • Immerse into a  guided energy flow activation / transformative meditation.
  • Anchor your peaceful state and vision for the day with Bloomtica flow with an easy and quick drawing activity.

So you can continue to lead and inspire your people while feeling rested, radiating positive energy, and having more mental space to engage your people and empower them to embrace a new wave of changes that will transform the way we work and what we do with more ease and creative solutions.

Led by Anna Annette

Being on video is not needed during the webinar. Participants' names are kept private.

FREE. To join, please register below.

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