Collection: Growth Mastery. 1:1 Guidance

In the Growth Mastery 1:1 programs, we'll focus on the areas where you would like to see change or improvement. In a holistic way: anything we work on will positively contribute to other parts of your life. 

You will learn tools and practices that you can apply at any time between sessions. They are life-long proven tools. 

Each session will include teaching/explanation of psychology and energy and how they might have impacted the underlying causes and reasons for the topic we are working on, coaching questions and reflections as guidance to change and improvement, and a guided energy activation focused on what needs to be released, transformed, or amplified for the desired change/result to occur. 

Energy activations will be recorded and available for download/replay at any time. 

Practicing energy activations is the key to achieving sustainable results. 

We'll also practice art-based tools depending on the topic of each session that are a powerful way to anchor the next level version of you. 

Programs listed below vary in frequency of live sessions and accessibility to me on as-needed basis. 

Please explore each option and if any of them feels right to you and for your goals, it will be an honor to be your guide on this amazing journey.

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