Leadership from Authentic Self and Happy Self

We empower people, teams, leaders, and organizations to grow and succeed from a place of inner bliss and joy.

With our tools and practices that integrate psychology, human energy, bio-energetics, nature,
and art, and bring instant and sustainable results

through a variety of practical and experiential programs, workshops, and 1:1 coaching.

Continuous ambiguity in business environment and long-tailed stress have caused many people, managers, and leaders to feel burned out, depleted, overwhelmed, and discouraged leading to disengagement, resentment, demotivation, indifference, even apathy, loss of creativity in ideas and solutions, and loss in connection with their teams and colleagues.

This stress and overwhelm have brought to the surface the need for managers and leaders to tap into their authentic self, their happy self so they can lead, inspire, motivate, engage, and succeed in healthy and sustainable ways.

Our Programs for Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

empower managers and leaders of all levels to:

  • Restore inner balance and peace
  • Free up from stress
  • Bring to surface their authentic presence
  • Stay calm in challenging situations
  • Raise confidence in self and in leading others
  • Clear the fear of connecting with their teams and employees
  • Create inner space for connection and stronger relationships

Leading to:

  • Positive and genuine leadership presence
  • Improved collaboration and engagement
  • Motivated teams and employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Emotionally healthy atmosphere and morale
  • Team spirit, positive culture
  • Trust
  • Desire to contribute to company’s goals
  • Creative problems-solving and innovation
  • Change resilience and agility

What Makes Our Programs So Effective?

  • Participants learn why we feel the way we feel and why we respond the way we do.
  • Participants experience instant results and feel the difference right during the program.
  • Practical and enjoyable exercises.
  • Effective and easy tools participants can practice and apply post-program for continued results.
  • Tools and methods are developed based on Anna Annette’s expertise and personal practices as well as amazing results of her clients.

Program Format and Key Elements

  • Virtual, in-person, hybrid / combination
  • Group, 1:1
  • Bloomtica® (art-based method)
  • My Zen Garden© creation with live plants
  • Breathing exercises
  • Energy activating visualizations and meditations
  • Guided coaching
  • Self-discovery method
    Inquiry/self-reflection journaling

Selected Reflections of Program Participants

How do you feel now (at the end of the workshop)?

Happy and relieved - powerful and strong
Calmer and equipped
Less stressed.
Like I can breathe for the first time in 2 months..
Relaxed, calm, sleepy
Calm, refreshed
Relaxed, calm, in control
My head is more clear and I feel flexible (prepared to face any situation)
Peaceful and calmer, content
Revived, rejuvenated, refreshed
Free and liberated

For maximum outcomes of the
programs for leaders empowering them to lead from a place of their authentic self, inner balance, and joy,

we recommend that non-managers learn our tools as well to help them restore their inner peace, manage stress, and feel strong and resilient no matter the circumstances.

Snippets from a virtual program "Power Up Your Resilience and Confidence" with Anna Annette

What Others Say About Our Programs and Anna's Work

“…just really want to say thank you for today! It really was great! Really appreciate your calming demeanor and I think everyone responded well and I loved the participation!  27 people in this meeting, but the reach will be felt much further than the group today!  Thank you again!” 

Program Leader


"Everyone loved it."

Lisa Jacobi, Chief of HR at COCC


"We had the opportunity for Anna to come out for a few team sessions at COCC. Most recently, she ran a mindfulness session for our entire HR team. It was a fantastic exercise for the team to break away from the day-to-day and go through a session together. Personally, I think it was great that we did it on a Friday afternoon together to start the weekend with a clear mind! The small group breakout sessions were great too. Definitely a different approach to mindfulness with plants!"

Lisa Jacobi, Chief of HR at COCC


"The best training I've ever taken."

Various participants


Anna’s facilitation of the sessions showcased her expertise in the topic together with her mastery of the learning process, yielding a powerful and relevant program that could be immediately applied to current challenges.

Peter Miller, Change Management Leader, Raytheon Technologies


Empowering ourselves to grow with "self-coaching" techniques in today's climate of multiple changes is one description of Anna's 5-step "The Flow To Transformation" system. I have participated in her class in different settings and always walked away stronger in my ability to tap into my inner power and to make better decisions from a place of calm and inspiration. Anna's background in psychology and business finance helped develop this approach that's been used for years with both individuals and organizational teams.

Bill McClain, Author of "Strategic Planning In This Age Of Disruption", Managing Partner, Strategic Partner Business Advisors, LLC


“….it was a great message to employees that we want them to embrace wellbeing.”

ERG Leader


" For years, I have had others tell me, “what you focus on is delivered.” I believed them, just not wholeheartedly, until I met Anna. Since I started working Anna, I have never felt better.

The incredible transformation of feeling into pain, and coming out of it with clarity, has been life changing for me. She gives you tools and guidance to help strengthen your core, and resolve your inner turmoil; which, in turn, helps you navigate your life in a more peaceful, harmonious way; while achieving results you never thought possible.

I can’t recommend Anna’s work highly enough, she is truly a gift.“

Debbie Perillo, HR Leader


Anna gets to the heart of the matter in every issue she addresses. I am continually blown away by what can get dealt with using an activation. After an activation I feel calm, grounded and confident. They really help strengthen my connection to self, and realign with my natural state. Anna is so respectful of everyone's journey. I admire her expertise, commitment, and passion. I highly recommend her.

Kristina Pesch, Health and Fitness Coach


"I have been working on my situation for 2 years and have not learned or accomplished what you did in these three times we met. For this, Thank You!"



"For me, this has been magical. Growing every day. It’s been only 2 weeks and I’ve seen changes. I’m very thankful I found you.”



I'm so grateful for your program. It changed my life.



“Thank you so much for your time today. The feedback has been awesome and everyone that we’ve spoken with really enjoyed it!”

ERG Leader

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Meet Anna

Anna is the founder and CEO of Edelweiss Academy of Mastery and a creator of Bloomtica® method.

Anna empowers people, teams, and organizations to grow, succeed, and make a difference in the world from a place of inner bliss, joy, and fulfillment.

She integrates her deep understanding of business and experiential learning into the tools she developed to achieve breakthrough and transformational results via powerful, practical, and effective programs.

Anna has been teaching and coaching for over 22 years starting her path with facilitation of highly experiential business simulations focused on finance, strategy, and leadership for world-class organizations, including GE, Boeing, Praxair, Dell, Microsoft, Unilever, and many others.

After 15 years of delivering business simulations around the globe, Anna immersed into the world of psychology, neuroscience, and energy healing.  She became certified as a therapist in IFS model and a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator.

Anna is the creator of Bloomtica® method, a powerful process for personal growth and innovation that blends psychology, human energy, nature, and art. She is also the creator of the Flow to Magic©, My Zen Garden© and Flow to Transformation© methods and a wide collection of meditations/energy activations. Anna is an author and speaker. She is passionate about empowering people to feel happy.

If what we covered here resonates with you and your team, and you'd like to explore how we can empower your managers and leaders to lead from a place of the authentic self and happy self,

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