From self-doubt and inner turbulence to self-trust, poise, inner peace, and personal power.
In This Program You'll:
  • Understand yourself and who you are, why you do what you do, learn to trust yourself, your skills, your talents, and your choices.
  • Learn and practice identifying patterns, habits, invisible beliefs that need attention to be heard and set free.
  • Learn and practice techniques to heal what needs to heal in your system to allow all of you to flourish.
  • Discover how to navigate uncertainty, disruptions, and decision making in adversity and instability.
  • Explore how to feel in control when things are out of your control.
  • Feel empowered to dream big, believe in your dreams and that you can achieve them.
  • Step into, activate, and learn how to sustain and live your limitless potential every day so you can make the impact you're meant to make
    and become Untouchable, Unshakeable, Unstoppable

To be successful, we need three things:

1. Believe that we deserve to dream big.

2. Allow ourselves to dream big.

3. Believe that we can achieve it.

We all have limitless potential.

You have big goals and want to achieve them.

You want to grow and be successful.

You want to be and feel capable, powerful, and confident

You want to feel good about yourself, respected, and valued

Yet... something gets in the way...

You may feel like you're holding yourself back, second-guess your decisions, overanalyze and overthink, or even doubt your abilities and accomplishments.

And you may question whether you can actually achieve your dreams.

When we do this, we may be settling for something less than we deserve, are worth, and are meant to do on this planet...

While you have limitless potential and you can achieve absolutely anything you want in life.

What gets in the way is a set of invisible beliefs and patterns unique to every one of us that form over time in response to the events and circumstances we experience in life.

They cause us to not 
dream big enough, to not take action or take action that doesn't bring any outcome, delay, defer, study more, work harder on other things, escape into doing something less, decide to pursue another avenue

These beliefs, patterns, and thoughts generate feelings and emotions and all together they get absorbed by our mind and body. Through energy.

Usually, these patterns of self-doubt and misaligned actions are accompanied by or lead to feeling unfulfilled, uncertain, and even stuck, overwhelmed, scattered, escaping, circling

While on the inside you're...
powerful, capable, talented, driven, committed, unstoppable, unshakeable, confident, authentic, soulful

Does this resonate? Have you experienced anything like this?

What's also very common is often professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs I work with don't even notice that they are self-doubting themselves. They just feel that they are not getting through to where they want to be, can't seem to progress, and feel discouraged.

If this resonates,

What we need to do is to find, heal, and clear what's causing the doubts, holding you back, makes you second guess, self-sabotage, avoid taking action, or change your direction

so you can trust and believe in yourself, your expertise, your talents, your gifts, your abilities to help others and achieve your dreams, and most importantly you feel light, free, inspired, and filled with joy no matter what.

Why is this important?

Our state of being impacts how we show up, how we make decisions, how we prepare and carry out important action steps, how we connect with others, and ultimately our success, ease of growth, feeling good about ourselves, and creating the life we want.



    In the video of a live session below, Anna is answering a few questions about obstacles that hold us back.



    If you want to break through to confidence, inner peace, trust in your skills and credibility, authentic leadership, and become unstoppable and unshakeable, join us in Breakthrough!

    A transformational immersion designed with unique and powerful tools and techniques rooted in psychology, energy, and experiential learning and coaching.

    This Programs is For:

    • Entrepreneurs who want stop holding back and doubting themselves

      and who want to feel progress, see results in their business, be confident in showing up, in growing in their community, and succeed.

    • Corporate and organizational professionals, managers and leaders who don't want to feel stressed, unsure how to get to the next level, overwhelmed with uncertainty, lost and doubtful in their ability to succeed

      and who want to grow, contribute to the organization and its purpose, and succeed with joy, confidence and leadership.

    • Women who find themselves in stress, self-doubt, unsure how to change where they are at

      and who want to feel capable, powerful, strong, and successful.

    • Women who want to have a seat at the table with other decision makers, not to feel afraid to speak up, not to feel small, not deserving to be at the table, overpowered and intimidated 

      and who want to be confident, powerful, strong, contributing, heard and listened to.

    • Moms returning to work who don't want to doubt their skills and experience, afraid to ask for what they deserve, afraid they won't find a job, ready to settle for less

      and who want to actualize themselves, their purpose and limitless potential, grow, contribute, and be successful.

    Program Format:

    Breakthrough is a powerful blend of:

    • Experiential learning, teaching, and coaching
    • Unique and powerful tools and techniques that will transform your sense of self, confidence, self-trust, inner peace, trust in your abilities, talents and power, and capacity to weather through stress and uncertainty.
    • Immersion into activations, meditations, and experiential exercises, workbook and videos with key teachings, and worksheets.
    • Live programs: live sessions with key teachings, activations, and experiential exercises. Recordings of live sessions and activations.
    • Self-led programs: video lessons, activations and experiential exercises you can learn and practice with on your own schedule.
    • Support via e-mail and online group (for live programs)
    • VIP option: in-person capstone full day to further deepen techniques, activation, and expansion in the elevated vibe and support of amazing participants coming together.

    Program Options

    All Virtual
    • 5 live weekly sessions with teaching, coaching, activations, and experiential exercises (replays will be available)
    • Recorded activations or meditations you dive into on your own schedule
    • Video lessons with key teachings
    • Workbook, worksheets, exercises
    • Small group on live calls so everyone gets my personal attention
    • Support via e-mail and in the online group

    Virtual + In-person
    Everything in the Virtual option plus experiential and immersive capstone day to practice and anchor techniques, activations, and expansion. in Lower Fairfield County, CT. A wonderful venue that stimulates the self-discovery and expansion we're doing in this program. Venue will be confirmed as the group forms. 

    Self-Led Option
    • 7 Self-led modules
    • Video lessons with teachings, concepts, activations, and experiential exercises
    • Recorded activations or meditations you can practice on your own schedule
    • Workbook, worksheets, exercises
    • Online forum to share homework activities (if you choose to.)

    You'll get access to the pre-work, opportunity to ask questions, and call info (for live versions) within 48 hours upon your enrollment.

    Select your option below to see program dates, additional details, and sign up.
    If you have any questions or not sure if this is right for you, reach out