Business Finance Foundations. For Women in Non-financial roles

Become fluent in business finance so you can grow into your dream role, have more opportunities, be a strategic partner and decision-maker.

If finance feels a bit intimidating, yet you want to conquer it because you know you need to know it to advance and grow, you're in the right place.

Carol Dweck developed a wonderful concept - Growth Mindset. With the growth mindset you can learn anything with the right tools, the right methods, and your own efforts.

To master finance, you need 3 things:

1. Up your inner game: your desire to learn, clear inner obstacles, fears, and self-doubts. 
2. Learn with a teaching method that makes it easy.
3. Practice in a supportive environment.

This program is designed with all three keys.

In this program you'll:

  • Elevate your confidence in learning, understanding, and using business financials.
  • Clear self-doubt about learning and mastering business finance.
  • Discover and practice three fundamentals besides finance that you need to understand in order to speak the language of business finance: an organization's business model, supply chain, and value creation.
  • Learn financial statements and financial metrics so you can be a strategic business partner to help your company succeed.
  • Discover key business drivers for growth and profitability so you can assess what needs to improve and suggest solutions and ideas backed with financial impact. 
  • Learn and practice to speak, interpret and present financials with confidence
  • Learn and practice to present your ideas with clarity, poise, and financial rationale
  • Practice applying financial knowledge to specific projects and areas tailored to your role and interests. For example: budgeting, variance analysis, ROI of a project.

Program Approach to Make it Easy and Empower You to Succeed:

  • Learn with simple steps, one step at a time, building your confidence, with Anna's proven easy-to-follow and fun game-based methodology.
  • Understand financial statements and key financial metrics, budgeting and variance analysis.
  • Practice in a safe and supportive environment (nobody learns to speak a language without actually speaking it).  The key is to have support and plenty of practice.
  • Tap into your infinite abilities to overcome any obstacles to learn and master anything you want.

  • Learn specific areas of finance as they apply to your functional role. 

    So you can:

  • Understand your organization's goals, initiatives and reasons for organizational changes announced by the leadership… and know how you can contribute instead of being overtaken by the stress of uncertainty.

  • Present and support your ideas and recommendations with a financial rationale so you get a green light to have them implemented.

  • Understand how you in your role contribute to the organization's goals and purpose.

  • Identify red flags, risks and challenges and ways to solve them.

  • See the impact of internal and external events to make sound business decisions and recommend creative solutions.


Get started with the pre-work and access to ask questions within 48 hours upon enrollment.

Space is limited.

Program Format

  • Game-based learning, hands-on practical activities, simulation-like exercises, and working through your real-life situations and examples so you can learn with ease, progress step-by-step, and learn by doing.
  • Recorded modules
  • Options: 1) Live virtual sessions 2) Live virtual Sessions + VIP in-person immersion day 3) 3 days in-person
  • Small group on live calls so everyone gets Anna's personal attention
  • Support via e-mail and in the online group

Program Includes

  • 7 self-led modules you can study and practice with on your own schedule
  • 7 live sessions with review of key concepts, practice interpreting and presenting financials, and Q&A. Replays will be available. 
  • Private online portal for Q&A and support.
  • Recorded activations or meditations to elevate your confidence.
  • Video lessons, workbook, worksheets, exercises
  • The Interactive Business Game to help you master key concepts.
  • The Inner Game Playbook - templates, tools, techniques, and activations to empower you to be confident and inspired to apply what you learn and express your ideas without holding back.
  • Certificate of Completion: “Finance for Non-Financial Roles."


VIP In-person Immersion Option

In-person experiential and immersive capstone day to practice interpreting, speaking about and presenting financials in a safe and supportive environment. This is a critical part in leveling up your skills and confidence.

9:30 am to 4:30 pm in Lower Fairfield County, CT.

To sign up for the program with the VIP In-Person Immersion Option, choose Virtual + VIP below the "Add to Cart" button.

Program Leader

Anna Annette

Program Dates

If you are interested in this program, email us to get the dates of the next program. 

Group discounts are available.

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HRCI and SHRM Recertification credits are pending approval