Easy Start - More Details

Do you have an idea or maybe even a few ideas for a course or group program

That you're very passionate about?

That you know will help people elevate and rise?

That you know deep down you're meant to create and share with the world?

And with that, are you wondering

Where to begin?

How to select your topic?

How to choose your niche?

What to have in place?

And how to make it all happen without the overwhelm,


And from a place of your authentic self?

This is what Easy Start with Course Creation program will help you with.


Module 1

Your Course Topic

This will give you clarity and confidence about your topic. You will create your topic map that you will use to create your course outline, free value-based content, and plan out continuity of your offerings. Your topic map sets the stage for all other parts of your course creation and delivery.

Module 2

Your Audience

Fine-tune who your audience is so you can align your course with your ideal clients.

Module 3

Your Course Outline

You'll follow my step-by-step guidance to define the scope of your course and create a comprehensive course outline that will give you clarity, structure, and set you up for successful course marketing, launching, selling, and teaching. 

Module 4

Course Layout

You will create a complete course layout with what your course will include and results your clients will get.

Steps to Take Your Course Out into the World

In this final part of the program, you will put together a list specific to you and your course of what you need to have in place and steps to take to market, sell, and deliver an amazing experience for your clients.


If you have any questions, not sure if this program is right for you, email us team@edelweissacademyofmastery.com or schedule a call with Anna or one of our team members >>