Testimonials - CM

Participants' takeaways in the Flow to Transformation workshop, a framework for thriving during change (included in the CM Simulation):

Seeing “change” at a different angle changed my negative reactions to every time when I have to deal with “change”.  Now it’s exciting to work through change.

I learned that I am in control no matter the situation, I can drive to obtain good results.

In the Flow to Transformation workshop, the biggest learning for me was about empowering all team members to manage change from within – the importance of helping develop tools to give our people.


The Flow to Transformation workshop gave me a chance to slow down and think about things differently. I gained additional insights of what I am experiencing.  The psychological impact change has and how to open minds to positive things that await. 


Learning about the path to change and the process of the 5 steps was the most valuable.


The pace of changes in an organization have a major impact on the performance. The way in which the change is managed can mean the difference between success and failure.

We are so often thinking of about ourselves and our needs. To step inside the employees’ shoes, and really seek to understand their fears, wishes, and concerns is something I will do more of

What leaders see from the outside and how people feel from the inside.

We squash creativity and productivity by keeping / driving/ not allowing our staff to get out of their protective state.

Everyone needs purpose and to be in the relaxed state to be most creative and productive.

People cannot feel stressed and be productive.

Change does not have to include loss of productivity.

People can only be creative in their natural state and cannot be creative in a protective state.

Understanding protective behavior of others during the change process.

Learning how common the challenge of effecting change is.  I’m not alone.

Other feedback

Anna's learning design and teaching methods are designed in such an effective & impactful way that the learner (I) can stay engaged and take away insightful ...


It was a pleasure to attend your class… I wish there were more teachers like you out there.