What do CFO's 5 Top-of-Mind Challenges Mean for You? Part 1.

What do CFO's 5 Top-of-Mind Challenges Mean for You? Part 1.

If you are in a non-financial role, finance may look and sound like a foreign language.

Yet, if you want to grow in your career, you probably know that you will need to be able to understand, interpret, speak about, and present financial numbers.

Besides that, however, what will empower you even more, give your more confidence and self-trust is the ability to understand issues, areas of focus, and solutions that are top-of-mind for the CFOs and business leaders.

We have identified 5 key areas CFOs are focusing on based on the research and articles published in the CFO Magazine.

In this post, we are starting with the first one. 

1. Data Analytics and Automation

It is about use of data for better insight and decision making and automation for better accuracy and efficiency.

CFO’s focus with data analytics and automation is in finance, marketing, and HR areas of the business.

What does it mean to you?

1. Changes and more changes in technology and processes.

You need to build up your resilience, ability to protect your inner peace, navigate stress and emotions, so that you maintain your well-being and motivation regardless of the situation.  See 10 things that will help you prepare for and thrive during change. 


2. A need for higher level skills such as strategic thinking, decision making, innovation, and leadership.

See where you may want to level up to add more value and be open to and ready for new desirable opportunities.

Part 2 is coming soon. 


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