2. Weekly Reset to Achieve Your Dreams with Bliss and Joy

2. Weekly Reset to Achieve Your Dreams with Bliss and Joy

Our minds and bodies accumulate... stuff: worries, stress, sadness, fear.  All this ripples into the body and settles in as energy clusters. 

These energy clusters not only make us feel tired, tensed, and easily overreacting.

They may lead to ailments and more serious diseases. 

Most importantly, they also inform the mind how to respond to new challenges, uncertainties, need for solutions, and ideas. 

And we enter a vicious cycle of growing stress and tension in our bodies.

Leading to depletion, burnout, demotivation, and discouragement. 

The pandemic exacerbated the issue.

We have major levels of stress, depletion, and mental and emotional illnesses around the globe. 

While healing and clearing our systems from all that has accumulated takes deep and consistent inner work and practices, we can start with small steps creating rituals of the release of "less than good", rejuvenation, and creating space for more joy and happiness.

This journaling sheet from the Bloom + Flourish Journal with Bloomtica® will help you get started with reflection, release, and elevation to a new level toward your dreams and goals while restoring inner peace, joy, and wholeness. 

You can get it here: Weekly Reset to Achieve Your Dreams with Bliss and Joy >>

To power up your Weekly Reset, add a transformative meditation that will activate your energy flow to support your journaling and mini Bloomtica® drawing activity to anchor this rejuvenated and elevated energy for a 360 success.

Get access to the meditation and art journey here >> 

For a complete experience, start with Celebration YOU, then Weekly Reset, then Power Up Your Week. All journal pages can be accessed here >> journal.bloomtica.com.


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