Every experience is ...

Every experience is ...

Every experience is an opportunity or a call to shift to the next level version of you. 

It can be disruptive, sad, discouraging, scary,

Or it can be happy, exciting, inspiring.

Whichever it is, pause and listen. 

Use these prompts to explore, discover, and reflect. 

What is being called for release right now?  

Which thoughts, perceptions of myself, beliefs of how it should be, beliefs of what’s possible are being called for release?  

What is coming through in their place?  

What is opening up as new thoughts, new beliefs, new levels of what’s possible, new perceptions of me?  

What’s changing in how I feel about what’s possible? 

What’s changing in how I feel about who I’m and what I stand for for myself? 
If I was to step into the next level of being, how would it feel?  

Who would I be in the next level state of being?  

If you like what’s coming through, claim it. It’s already yours. 

If not, what’s in the way? It could be self-doubts, self-criticism, unreleased limiting perceptions about yourself.  
Take a break, go for a walk in nature, get some exercise, and repeat the reflections. 

The answers are always there. We just need to practice to listen.

Enjoy your journey and reach out if you feel inspired to share anything or have any questions. team@edelweisslearning.com.

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