From Impossible to Possible

From Impossible to Possible

What feels impossible or hard to attain that if you achieved it, you'd be over the moon? 

It's not about the actual size, amount, quantity, etc., of something tangible.

It's about how big our dream feels to us. 

The bigness of the dream we allow ourselves to have is limited only by our own mind. The mind, in turn, takes references from what it already knows from the external and internal world and from what is stored in our "inner" layers of memory as interpretations of life events and conclusions about ourselves.

Together, these references impact and achievability of our dreams depends on:

  • How big we allow ourselves to dream.
  • How much we believe that that dream is possible to achieve.
  • How much we allow ourselves to have it in reality. 
  • What we believe about obstacles to have it in reality. 

The journey of discovering these four dimensions, clearing what's in the way is the most powerful journey of growth, never ending, always elevating, and limitless. 

Play with these questions for one of your big dreams:

How big do you allow yourself to dream? 

How much do you actually believe that that dream is possible to achieve?

How much do you allow yourself to have it in your reality? 

How much do you believe you deserve to have this dream come true?

What do you believe are the obstacles to achieve this dream? 

Our ability to achieve our dreams is less about the skills, credentials, and knowledge. It's more about our inner beliefs and doubts. 

Once we shift and transform our beliefs and learn to clear what's in a way (outside of skills, credentials, and knowledge), impossible becomes possible. 

Author: Anna Annette, a transformational coach and teacher, creator of  Bloomtica® Method for personal growth, creator and facilitator of impactful experiential programs with instant results.

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