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Business & Finance Lab for Women in Non-Financial Roles. 9-month mentorship and coaching

Business & Finance Lab for Women in Non-Financial Roles. 9-month mentorship and coaching

Finance is one area of business skills that is sought after and necessary to have to be a decision-maker and leader even if you are in non-financial role. 

The reason for that is because organization's results and needs that have to be met to grow are measured in financial numbers and metrics. 

Finance is a language that allows different functions of the organization to be aligned in achieving goals and enables internal and external parties to understand each other. 

Even if you're in a non-financial role, you need to understand financial concepts and business drivers in order to contribute in problem-solving, idea-generation, and decision-making conversations so departments, business units and your company as a whole can achieve business goals.

Speaking the language of finance and being able to express and support ideas and decisions in financial terms will propel you to be invaluable to any organization. 

Yet, for people in non-financial roles with no financial background, finance can be intimidating. It's not because of abilities, but usually because of some prior experiences with math.

That's where the three pillars of mastering finance with ease are very important:

1. Power up your inner game about your ability to master anything, including finance.
2. Learn with tools and methodology that make it easy to understand.
3. Practice in a supportive environment.

This program is built on these three pillars. And we invite you to join us if you want to become comfortable and confident in business finance.

In this hands-on, real-life application based program you will:

  • Become comfortable and confident in understanding, interpreting, and speaking about business finance.
  • Bring questions pertaining to business and financial concepts from your real-life work situations and projects and get clarity and understanding you need.
  • Practice interpreting and speaking about financial results so you can feel confident and heard when speaking about financial metrics in your work.
  • Gain and practice understanding of your company's key financial metrics and business drivers so you can lead and contribute to efforts and initiatives to help meet company's goals.
  • Have access to tools and easy-to-follow teachings to grasp business finance with methodologies that make learning finance super easy and fun.
  • Be supported and empowered. 
  • Connect with like-minded professionals

All to empower you to be an indispensable contributor, decision maker, and leader in your organization and any organization you want to be a part of.

Program format

Self-led modules you can study and practice when it works for you

Monthly live virtual group sessions with Q&A, coaching, and practice

Ongoing Q&A and support in the private online group

Mastering understanding of finance with our tools, concepts, and teachings with practice of interpretation and presentation of financials in the most supportive

Access to Business Finance with Ease program (live virtual or self-led)

Program includes

  • 9 months of monthly live virtual sessions, recorded modules, and Q&A support
  • Access to the online private group
  • Tools, concepts, and teachings
  • Access to live sessions or recorded modules of the Business Finance Foundations program

    (Recorded modules are short lessons with practical exercises and reflection on grasping concepts. They are not full-length recording of live versions)

Program Leader

Anna Annette and our coaches

Program Dates

9 months starting upon enrollment.

Get access to pre-work and Business Finance Foundations program within 72 hours upon enrollment.

If you have any questions or are not sure if this is for you, reach out to us

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Groups of 11+ - 25% OFF. Use code Group11

 HRCI and SHRM Recertification credits are in the process of approval. 

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Other Details

This Program is for

This program is for you if you:
  • You want to grow in your role and increase your contribution to the organization and its mission
  • You are a problem solver and like to come up with ideas to help solve problems and challenges
  • You want to be heard and listened to in meetings and conversations that include business performance, goals, and results
  • You want to feel confident in these conversations
  • You want to have a seat at the table with decision makers and leaders
  • You have no or limited financial background and/or numbers are not your forte

    If you have any questions, not sure if this program is for you, reach out

You May Have Some Questions

Will this really work for me? 

This course works for anyone who is thinking about, starting to create, or has created and wants to improve a course to share their expertise and help others achieve their dreams.

If I cannot attend a live class (when it is offered), will I still be able to learn and work on my course?
Absolutely! Replays of live classes will be available. In addition, key concepts will be available as video lessons. Depending on the number of participants in the program and their geographical locations, we may schedule additional calls to accommodate different time zones.

I'm very busy right now with everything going on. What if I can't do everything each week?
You can do as much or as little as you can. You will have access to all content and recordings of calls for unlimited time. I will support you at where you are.

What is your refund policy?
I'm so confident in the value you will receive in this course, that I extend 100% guarantee.
If you completed all modules, all assignments, and asked for help when you needed it and have not seen results, we will refund 100% of your payment within 30 days of the program end. You will need to show us your completed work and we will process the refund.

I'm trying to make a decision if I should enroll. What do you recommend?
Tune in to what your biggest desires are. Follow your inner guidance. If you feel pulled, drawn, inspired, excited of possibilities this course will give you, I recommend that you join. Money and time will always find a solution when you make a decision based on your heart and soul's guidance.


Have more questions?

If you have other questions, not sure if something you need help with will be covered in the program, email us, so we can help you get clarity, set the direction, and see if this program will help you achieve your goals >>

How it Works

  • If your program includes pre-work, you will receive access to it inside the program portal within 48 hours upon enrollment.

  • You will receive access to the portal within 48 hours upon signing up.

  • If your program includes live sessions, call details will be posted in your portal and sent via e-mail.

  • If you have enrolled in our other programs in the past, you will be able to access them all from the same portal.


I'm so confident in the value you will receive in this course, that I extend 100% guarantee.

If you completed all modules, all assignments, and asked for help when you needed it and have not seen results, we will refund 100% of your payment within 30 days of the program end. You will need to show us your completed work and we will process the refund.

Testimonials and Client Experiences

"I feel like I overcame the "fear" of learning finance. I was so nervous coming into this class, but I if I could talk to myself 6 weeks ago, I would tell me that I would learn more than I thought I could digest, and that I am very proud of myself. Thank you"



"I feel as if I now have a solid understanding of the financial ratios that are used at my company and why each of them is used. We just had our Q1 Earnings call and I was informing my peers of what everything meant."


I wanted to tell you that I learned so much and that this class pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of comprehending.



"…Now I will be able to see everything I do at work from an angle of finance as well, which I was not doing before. I truly learned the impact of HR on organization's goals, an important lesson I am taking away from this  class. Thank you!!!"



"I now understand what actually goes into the financial statements and on what side of it. I can now explain what the different parts of a financial statement are. I am no longer clueless!"



"It was a pleasure to attend your class… I wish there were more teachers like you out there."



Anna's learning design and teaching methods are designed in such an effective & impactful way that the learner (I) can stay engaged and take away insightful ideas.


Meet Anna


Anna is the founder, CEO, CLO, and Transformational Teacher and Coach of Edelweiss Group and Edelweiss Academy of Mastery.

She empowers people, businesses, and organizations to grow, succeed, and make a difference in the world from a place of inner bliss, joy, and fulfillment.

She integrates her deep understanding of business and mastery of experiential learning with the practices and techniques for human potential and performance she developed that are rooted in psychology, energy healing, nature, and art to create breakthrough and transformational results for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Anna has been teaching and coaching for over 20 years starting her path with facilitation of highly experiential business simulations focused on finance, strategy, and leadership for world-class organizations, including GE, Boeing, Praxair, Dell, Microsoft, Unilever, and many others. This is where she gained a deep appreciation for and the art and science of experiential learning.

After 15 years of delivering and designing business simulations internationally, Anna's path brought her into the world of psychology, neuroscience, and energy healing. 

She became certified as a therapist in IFS model and a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator.

Anna integrates her studies and personal practices in psychology, energy healing, nature's wisdom, and art to create powerful and transformational tools and techniques that bring instant results through energy activating meditations and exercises, journaling, questioning, and discovery exercises, nature integration, and art.  

Anna is the creator of the Bloomtica® method a highly experiential process for personal emotional wellness, resilience, and limitless growth. She teaches workshops and programs for individuals, teams, and organizations and certifies other coaches and consultants in this method so they can help more people live better lives with this powerful modality. 

Anna has had the privilege to work with many professionals and organizations that include United Technologies, Trumpf, Thomson Reuters, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, PVH, Praxair, GE, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Unilever, Microsoft, Praxair, Dell, Hubbell, Exelis, JCPenney, StanleyBlack&Decker, Agilent Technologies, Analog Devices, Electronic Arts, as well as many passion and purpose inspired entrepreneurs empowering them to grow their businesses and make a difference in the world.

Anna holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from Fairfield University, is certified as a therapist in psychological model IFS developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, is a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator personally studying with Dr. Sue Morter, and has completed other certifications in change management and learning experiences design.

Anna is a frequent speaker and facilitator at various industry events with a focus on personal growth, limitless potential, happy mind, peaceful heart, and nurtured soul, women in leadership, change resilience, impactful learning experiences, transformation of HR, and other topics. Anna has written many articles and ebooks.

Anna is the creator of the Bloomtica® method, The FLOW to Transformation™ and The Flow to Magic systems, and The Lemonade Business Game.

Anna's first book is "Design Learning Experiences that Empower Change and Growth."

Anna enjoys being in nature, gardening, paddleboarding, swimming, skiing, listening to non-fiction audiobooks, photography, and creating unique art. 

"It will be my honor to empower and guide you on your path to living your dreams, so collectively we make the world a happier place" - Anna Annette


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