Amazing YOU. Inner peace, joy, and your true Self. On-demand lesson with Bloomtica® method.

Feeling at peace, whole and content is what many people want the most as we continue to shift to the next chapter of humanity after the pandemic.

In this practical, hands-on, and enlightening class, you will learn and practice foundational tools that blend energy flow activation techniques, nature's wisdom, and Bloomtica® Art Method to help you:

  • Restore inner peace and balance,
  • Reactivate a sense of joy and fulfillment in life and work,
  • Renew inspiration for present and future. 

These techniques bring instant results and get even stronger with continuous practice.

This is a replay of a live virtual class. Learn and practice at your own pace and time.
Steps to experience this transformative class: 

1. Complete the information below.
2. Log in  or create an account if this is your first program with us. (Please use the same email you're providing below.)

Once you log in, access to the class will be waiting for you on your dashboard.

Please see below for a list of simple materials to have for the lesson.
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"Bloomtica® process is fun, easy and enlightening." Once you learn it, you will feel inspired to practice it. And through practice, you will experience life-changing results." Anna Annette

Materials for Bloomtica® Classes

If you are attending an in-person class, materials will be provided. 

If you are attending a virtual class, live or self-study, or if you would like to bring your own materials to an in-person class, please prepare:

1. A couple white sheets of paper or a pad for multi media drawing, 8.5x11, or 9x12 or 8.5x5.5.

2. Colored markers with a variety of colors, sets of 8 or more. Regular, fine, or thick tip (just not the extra fine tip like Sharpies.). 

3. Pen or pencil for notes and reflections.

Bloomtica® method is applied in sets of steps - Flows - to work through a specific area of interest or desired improvement. Each Flow is designed with elements that integrate activation of self-energy, wisdom of nature, psychology, and art creation.

We have created a variety of Flows that help with: healing, clearing inner blocks, uncovering potential and purpose, growing your business, growing in your career, relationships, inspiration, motivation, transformation of habits, emotional responses, peak performance, and many others.

While it may be tempting to show the Bloomtica® method to others as it is so fun, enlightening and brightens up the day, only Certified Bloomtica® Teachers can teach it as there are very important elements that the teacher/coach needs to know about how Bloomtica® method helps achieve results it does, psychology and energy techniques, how to set the Flow so the whole process is successful, and how to lead your friends, family, and clients through the Flow for it to work as it is intended with maximum success and lasting outcomes.

To learn more about Certification options, please email us at

Copyright Information

Bloomtica®, our logo, “Certified Bloomtica Facilitator and Coach”, “CBT”, Bloomtica Kids®, Bloomtica Teens®, elements of Bloomtica® method, our content used to describe and illustrate the method are protected by respective and applicable copyright and trademark laws.  Artwork produced by our students is owned by respective owners and used with permission on this and other sites, in our electronic and printed communication with permission of the owner.

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Meet Anna Annette

Anna is the founder and CEO of Edelweiss Academy of Mastery, a training and coaching company with programs in change management, change resilience, business acumen, learning experience design, and personal growth.

She has been teaching and coaching for over 20 years. Over the last seven years, personal growth and transformation have increasingly become a bigger part of Anna's work.

Anna integrates her studies and personal practices in psychology, energy healing, and visualizations with nature's wisdom and art to create powerful and transformational tools and techniques that bring instant results.

Anna holds an MBA in Finance, is certified as a therapist in psychological model IFS, is a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator (personally studied with Dr. Sue Morter), and has completed other certifications in change management and learning experiences. She is a frequent speaker and facilitator at various industry events with a focus on personal growth, limitless potential, and happy mind, peaceful heart, and nurtured soul.

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