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Change Management Simulation. Level 1

Change Management Simulation. Level 1

Become invaluable and grow with change management competencies

In the current conditions of rapid, continuous, and multilayered change, organizations need to be able to adapt and implement changes in how they work, operate, deliver products and services, and fill in all parts of the value chain efficiently and successfully.

Everyone in the organization is impacted and people in various roles need to be able to navigate through and contribute to the implementation of the change for it to be successful.

Regardless of the role you are in, HR, L&D, Sales, Engineering, Marketing, IT, Production, or others, if you understand how to lead through and implement change, you will not only build your resilience and protect your well-being, you will also increase opportunities for growth in your career.

Change management competencies have become necessary and invaluable.

Change management has many layers and dimensions that include both hard skills and emotional well-being. The best way to learn and master both is by experiencing what it takes and how it feels to implement change in an organization with success.

In this Change Management Simulation, a hands-on, practical, interactive and transformational experience based on a real-life situation, you will:

  • Learn what it takes and how it feels to implement change inside an organization
  • Learn what has to take place under each of the 6 pillars of Change Management and how to align teams, activities, and action steps across all pillars:
  1. Leadership: the vision for change
  2. People: Stakeholder Engagement and Change Adoption
  3. Communication
  4. Human Side of Change
  5. Project Management
  6. Training
  • Experience how to navigate through all 6 pillars of Change Management to make change initiative a success.

  • Practice to respond to various challenges that are common elements of any change initiative.

  • Review key Change Management models including PROCSI, ADKAR, Lewin's and how to choose which one to use or create a blend for your organization.

  • Discover how to not only stay well and resilient, but also how to thrive and open more opportunities for growth during a change initiative.

  • Have an enjoyable time while learning

Program Format

  • You will immerse into a real-life scenario of a change management initiative.
  • A well-designed combination of individual and team-based learning, activities, and action items.
  • Live virtual sessions with replays in case you cannot attend.
  • Live in-person capstone day for deeper immersion, interaction, learning – VIP option.
  • Support and learning activities in our online program portal.
  • Workbook and slides with key teachings and visuals.
  • An enjoyable and impactful experience.
  • We've got your back.

Program Includes

  • 7 weekly live sessions. Replays will be available in the learning portal.
  • 1 in-person day as a VIP Option (please choose virtual + VIP button below)
  • Workbook and slides with key teachings and visuals.
  • The Flow to Transformation™ model, a 5 Step Process to lead and thrive during change
  • Powerful frameworks for each of the 6 pillars of Change Management to help you navigate through and master implementation of change management initiatives.
  • Private online portal for Q&A, learning activities, and support.
  • Recorded activations, visualizations, meditations and other tools to strengthen your emotional well-being and resilience.
  • Positive energy, ease, and enjoyment. We know you have a lot on your plate and work can be stressful.
  • We designed this simulation to create an impactful and at the same time enjoyable and inspiring experience for everyone.
  • Certificate of Completion: “6 Pillars of Change Management Master. Level 1"
  • HRCI and SHRM Recertification credits (currently in the process of approval)

VIP In-person Immersion Day

In-person experiential and immersive capstone day with interactive activities to practice negotiations, alignment, collaboration, stakeholder engagement, communication, navigating through emotional challenges as well as presentations all of which are critical success factor of any change initiative.

9:30 am to 4:30 pm in Lower Fairfield County, CT.

To be the first to know when this program opens for enrollment so you can reserve your spot (s) and get the pre-launch promotional tuition if you decide to enroll, please send us an email to

If you’re interested to enroll a team from your organization or bring this program into your organization with customization options, please email us at or schedule a call with our team here>>. We have discounted group pricing and customization options.

If you have any questions or are not sure if this program is right for you, email us at or schedule a call here >>.

Group and company discounts will be announced when enrollment opens.

HRCI and SHRM Recertification credits are in the process of approval.

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Other Details

This Program is for

This program is for you if you:
  • In your role will be or are involved in the implementation of a change initiative in your organization.
  • You want to be a change agent and be able to lead your team and colleagues through change.
  • You want to grow and take on leadership roles in your organization.
  • You want to develop change management expertise to have more opportunities for growth.
  • You want to thrive during any change and be able to empower your team to thrive and feel good during any change

If you have any questions, not sure if this program is for you, reach out

    You May Have Some Questions

    Will this really work for me? 

    This course works for anyone who is thinking about, starting to create, or has created and wants to improve a course to share their expertise and help others achieve their dreams.

    If I cannot attend a live class (when it is offered), will I still be able to learn and work on my course?
    Absolutely! Replays of live classes will be available. In addition, key concepts will be available as video lessons. Depending on the number of participants in the program and their geographical locations, we may schedule additional calls to accommodate different time zones.

    I'm very busy right now with everything going on. What if I can't do everything each week?
    You can do as much or as little as you can. You will have access to all content and recordings of calls for unlimited time. I will support you at where you are.

    What is your refund policy?
    I'm so confident in the value you will receive in this course, that I extend 100% guarantee.
    If you completed all modules, all assignments, and asked for help when you needed it and have not seen results, we will refund 100% of your payment within 30 days of the program end. You will need to show us your completed work and we will process the refund.

    I'm trying to make a decision if I should enroll. What do you recommend?
    Tune in to what your biggest desires are. Follow your inner guidance. If you feel pulled, drawn, inspired, excited of possibilities this course will give you, I recommend that you join. Money and time will always find a solution when you make a decision based on your heart and soul's guidance.


    Have more questions?

    If you have other questions, not sure if something you need help with will be covered in the program, email us, so we can help you get clarity, set the direction, and see if this program will help you achieve your goals >>

    How it Works

    • If your program includes pre-work, you will receive access to it inside the program portal within 48 hours upon enrollment.

    • You will receive access to the portal within 48 hours upon signing up.

    • If your program includes live sessions, call details will be posted in your portal and sent via e-mail.

    • If you have enrolled in our other programs in the past, you will be able to access them all from the same portal.


    I'm so confident in the value you will receive in this course, that I extend 100% guarantee.

    If you completed all modules, all assignments, and asked for help when you needed it and have not seen results, we will refund 100% of your payment within 30 days of the program end. You will need to show us your completed work and we will process the refund.

    Testimonials and Client Experiences

    Participants' takeaways in the Flow to Transformation workshop, a framework for thriving during change (included in the CM Simulation):

    Seeing “change” at a different angle changed my negative reactions to every time when I have to deal with “change”.  Now it’s exciting to work through change.

    I learned that I am in control no matter the situation, I can drive to obtain good results.

    In the Flow to Transformation workshop, the biggest learning for me was about empowering all team members to manage change from within – the importance of helping develop tools to give our people.


    The Flow to Transformation workshop gave me a chance to slow down and think about things differently. I gained additional insights of what I am experiencing.  The psychological impact change has and how to open minds to positive things that await. 


    Learning about the path to change and the process of the 5 steps was the most valuable.


    The pace of changes in an organization have a major impact on the performance. The way in which the change is managed can mean the difference between success and failure.

    We are so often thinking of about ourselves and our needs. To step inside the employees’ shoes, and really seek to understand their fears, wishes, and concerns is something I will do more of

    What leaders see from the outside and how people feel from the inside.

    We squash creativity and productivity by keeping / driving/ not allowing our staff to get out of their protective state.

    Everyone needs purpose and to be in the relaxed state to be most creative and productive.

    People cannot feel stressed and be productive.

    Change does not have to include loss of productivity.

    People can only be creative in their natural state and cannot be creative in a protective state.

    Understanding protective behavior of others during the change process.

    Learning how common the challenge of effecting change is.  I’m not alone.

    Other feedback

    Anna's learning design and teaching methods are designed in such an effective & impactful way that the learner (I) can stay engaged and take away insightful ...


    It was a pleasure to attend your class… I wish there were more teachers like you out there.


    Meet Kim


    Kim is an energetic organizational ‘changer, builder and fixer’ with broad industry, functional and consulting experience. Her passion is to enable people, processes, and technology to achieve the organization’s vision, leveraging organizational and leadership development, coaching, change management, learning and communications.

    Kim began her career at Accenture where she integrated her technical skills with strategy and learning as a change management consultant. She continued in both internal and external roles in insurance, investment banking, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defense, energy, consumer packaged goods, non-profits, among others, enabling transformational change and helping leaders achieve their potential.

    For Kim, it is all about the people and thus her passion for development (organization, team, and leader). Her unique combination of expertise in organizational development, coaching and change management enables Kim to bring a full suite of guidance for her clients.

    Kim received awards for her leading-edge learning and organizational development solutions and is a frequent presenter at association forums. Kim is a certified executive coach, holds a master’s in Organizational Behavior from the University of Hartford and is also a Barney School of Business Board member. Kim is married with two children. In her spare time, Kim enjoys hiking, gardening, winter sports and volunteering.

    Meet Anna


    Anna is the founder, CEO, CLO, and Transformational Teacher and Coach of Edelweiss Group and Edelweiss Academy of Mastery.

    She empowers people, businesses, and organizations to grow, succeed, and make a difference in the world from a place of inner joy, creativity, and fulfillment.

    She integrates her deep understanding of business with the practices and techniques for human potential and performance she developed that are rooted in psychology, energy healing, nature, and art to create breakthrough and transformational results for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

    Anna has been teaching and coaching for over 20 years starting her path with facilitation of highly experiential business simulations focused on finance, strategy, and leadership for world-class organizations, including GE, Boeing, Praxair, Dell, Microsoft, Unilever, and many others. This is where she gained a deep appreciation for and the art and science of experiential learning.

    After 15 years of delivering and designing business simulations internationally, Anna's path brought her into the world of psychology, neuroscience, and energy healing. 

    She became certified as a therapist in IFS model and a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator.

    Anna integrates her studies and personal practices in psychology, energy healing, nature's wisdom, and art to create powerful and transformational tools and techniques that bring instant results through energy activating meditations and exercises, journaling, questioning, and discovery exercises, nature integration, and art.  

    Anna is the creator of the Bloomtica® method a highly experiential process for personal emotional wellness, resilience, and limitless growth. She teaches workshops and programs for individuals, teams, and organizations and certifies other coaches and consultants in this method so they can help more people live better lives with this powerful modality. 

    Anna has had the privilege to work with many professionals and organizations that include United Technologies, Trumpf, Thomson Reuters, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, PVH, Praxair, GE, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Unilever, Microsoft, Praxair, Dell, Hubbell, Exelis, JCPenney, StanleyBlack&Decker, Agilent Technologies, Analog Devices, Electronic Arts, as well as many passion and purpose inspired entrepreneurs empowering them to grow their businesses and make a difference in the world.

    Anna holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from Fairfield University, is certified as a therapist in psychological model IFS developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, is a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator personally studying with Dr. Sue Morter, and has completed other certifications in change management and learning experiences design.

    Anna is a frequent speaker and facilitator at various industry events with a focus on personal growth, limitless potential, happy mind, peaceful heart, and nurtured soul, women in leadership, change resilience, impactful learning experiences, transformation of HR, and other topics. Anna has written many articles and ebooks.  Anna is the creator of The FLOW to Transformation™ and The Flow to Magic systems. Anna's first book is "Design Learning Experiences that Empower Change and Growth."

    Anna enjoys being in nature, gardening, paddleboarding, swimming, skiing, listening to non-fiction audiobooks, photography, and creating unique art. 

    "It will be my honor to empower and guide you on your path to living your dreams, so collectively we make the world a happier place" - Anna Lily Annette


    Meet Debbie

    Coming soon