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Sunrise Transformative Meditations Suite

Sunrise Transformative Meditations Suite

Experience the transformative power for the Sunrise for vital shifts, breakthroughs, and healing in all parts of your life.

- Grow with Joy and Peace
- Achieve Dreams and Goals and the Power of Gratitude
- Set Free from Challenges and Difficulties
- Release What's Holding You Back to Grow
and other transformative meditations continuously added.

Created by Anna Annette.  

Anna's transformative meditations help you change your state of being, a foundation to initiate the desired change, growth, breakthrough and make it sustainable while feeling whole and happy. 

Anna blends psychology, human energy, and energies of nature in a powerful fusion that allows you to experience immediate results. 
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Meet Anna Annette

Anna is the creator of the Bloomtica® method and is the founder and CEO of Edelweiss Academy of Mastery, a training and coaching company with programs in change management, change resilience, business acumen, learning experience design, and personal growth.

She has been teaching and coaching for over 20 years. Over the last seven years, personal growth and transformation have increasingly become a bigger part of Anna's work.

Anna integrates her studies and personal practices in psychology, energy healing, and visualizations with nature's wisdom and art to create powerful and transformational tools and techniques that bring instant results.

Anna holds an MBA in Finance, is certified as a therapist in psychological model IFS, is a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator (personally studied with Dr. Sue Morter), and has completed other certifications in change management and learning experiences. She is a frequent speaker and facilitator at various industry events with a focus on personal growth, limitless potential, and happy mind, peaceful heart, and nurtured soul.

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Transformational 1:1 Coaching

Experience breakthroughs, growth, healing, feeling whole, and happy with Anna's techniques and practices she developed combining her studies in psychology and human energy, her own transformation, and extensive background in creating impactful experiences.

All of which, she blends with energies of nature and art to produce remarkable results for her clients.

If this resonates, schedule a call to explore how Anna can help you achieve your dreams and goals while feeling whole and happy.

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