7 Days of Gratitude - Day 4


Awesome job with the practices! You’re amazing!

Today, we invite you to recall/think of something in your life that didn’t work out as you hoped. Or something unexpected took place that caused disturbance or disruption.

Can you see something you are grateful for that is related to that event?

Breathe in slowly and feel the feeling of gratitude. The feeling is in your heart.

If any sad feelings come up, embrace them. They are there to be heard by you.

Breathe out.

Take a piece of paper or your gratitude journal and write:

I am grateful for …..

It helped me….

If there are a few things you are grateful for related to that event, list them all separately in the same format.

I am grateful for ….. It helped me ….

Breathe in slowly and breathe out.


7 Days of Gratitude - Reflection


What came up for you during or after this exercise? ______________________

What did you notice about your thoughts and how you felt? ________________

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