7 Days of Gratitude - Recap and Next Steps


What a beautiful journey!

These 7 Days of Gratitude with all of you have been amazing.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences, how you felt, what opened up for you. It means a world to us.

Many shared with us that they feel calmer, more in peace, relaxed, centered, reflecting, happy, complete, content, more confident, more whole, hopeful, inspired.

Why and how does gratitude practice help us feel better?

We’re vibrational beings. Every thought, emotion, feeling, carries vibration. That translates into frequency that, in turn, translates into energy.

Have you seen someone walk into a room and immediately you felt better?

That’s because of the energy that person was projecting from their state of being.

You probably have had situations when someone was in a bad mood and you felt lower while being around them.

Joy, Love, Gratitude have high frequency. Disappointment, frustration, guilt have the lower frequencies. Every feeling should be welcomed.

When we feel sad, disappointed, frustrated, unhappy, we need to acknowledge these feelings, hold space for them and then practice things that will help us move into feelings that have happier frequency.

Have you noticed that when you feel better, more joyful, more at peace, things get done easier, more good things happen, creative ideas flow, new opportunities show up?

That’s because happier frequency attracts happier things.

Resentful frequency attracts things that trigger more resentment.

Feeling of gratitude has one of the highest frequencies, the same as love. 

By practicing gratitude, the frequency of our state of being, naturally goes up and we feel better, more at peace, life looks easier, joy and fulfillment come back, and we find new inspiration for present and future.

So, where can you go from here?

I invite you to practice gratitude every day, even twice a day.

Even when you feel sad, disappointed, lost or stuck, take a piece of paper and do one of the gratitude practices.

You will feel better very quickly and when you do, solutions and ideas flow in naturally.

Choose any practice that you feel drawn to, that works better for you. You can also create your own gratitude practice.

The only key is that you genuinely feel grateful for that piece, not because you feel you should.

Should you express gratitude to someone? Only if it feels right to do so. You don’t have to reach out just because someone said you should. It has to feel right and good to you.

The journey of connecting with who you are, mastering the art of joy, fulfillment, and achievement of your dreams is a beautiful, limitless journey.

There are many techniques, tools, teachings, and practices that will help you discover your own path and empower you to follow it.

I invite you to browse through other resources and programs we have and see what resonates with you, what you are drawn to.

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out.

I look forward to being with you again soon.

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